By Cynthia Moyo 9/4/15
An up-coming songbird gospel artist Clara Nyirongo decided to give out to a local non-profit organization Transport 4 Transport in Mulanje 10% of her Amazon UK sales for charity work.

The organization according to Clara is run by well-wishers from Holland and is directed by Berend Van Der Weide who is also Clara’s webmaster.
The South African based artist said, “I like working with the community and sharing feelings with the poor souls. Even here in SA I do charity work at Methodist Church where they keep helpless souls.”

In a related development, the lead vocalist for the main choir at Berea CCAP Church in Johannesburg is to finally release her second album titled ‘Nkhoswe Yanga’ whose release was postponed last year.
“Nkhoswe Yanga contains my day to day growth and maturity due to the compatible experience I am gaining every day,” she said adding that she has featured Evans Watsopano Meleka, Nyaradzai Chitheka and Steve Connex Chalenga.

Clara further said that her first album Ana Amasiye has 10 tracks and was recorded by KC Records whilst the second album has been recorded by Ralph records with 12 tracks including a medley of worship. Both studios are based in SA.
“My first album sold so much here in SA rather than in Malawi but I am hopeful that my second album will also sell in Malawi,” she said.

The mother of two girls quotes Zechariah 4 verse 10 for an advice to her fellow artists not to despise small things. The singer has plans of opening Clara Foundation targeting orphans.

“As a Malawian, everywhere I go, I always don’t hide my identity and I will always lift Malawian flag,” she concluded.

The new album has ‘Umboni Wanga’, ‘Ndampeza Wanga’ and ‘Nganganga’ among other tracks.