By Banthu Times Reporter 14/10/2013

ST COLUMBA CCAP church in Blantyre has commendeded Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda for her efforts of fighting corruption and fraud in the country. Speaking at the 80th anniversary celebration for ST COLUMBA CCAP , the General secretary for Blantyre Synod, Rev Alex Maulani said that Malawi is blessed to have a president who does not tolerate corruption and does everything in her power to uproot the evils.

“We are pleased that your government has pledged to investigate and bring to book all the people involved in the Capitol Hill “cash gate” scandal. We are also pleased that you are the one who initiated the revelation of the corruption in the ministry of finance as you indicated in your speech from the UN General assembly. As citizens of this country, it makes us proud to know that our leader is a person of integrity.” Said Rev Alex Maulani.
Rev. Alex Maulani also said, the fact that the president has dissolved the cabinet further proves of her seriousness in addressing the issue at hand. He assured the state president that as a church they are praying to God to give her wisdom in coming up with the new cabinet. “It is our prayer that the good Lord gives you wisdom as you will be coming up with the new cabinet. We know that it is not a simple task but God is faithful to be your guide.” Rev Alex Malani.

With those remarks the moderator asked members of the CCAP and all the people in Malawi to join them in their celebrations but advised them to look at their lives and ask themselves if God is pleased with their day to day living.

“It is good to celebrate our achievements today, but lets us take stock of our lives and wonder how God sees us when he looks at our private lives, public lives, political parties, government actions and national actions. Hopefully our actions do not bring disgrace and shame to his throne.” Rev Alex Maulani.image

Addressing the joyful congregation, The Malawi President, Dr Joyce Banda congratulated ST Columba CCAP for clocking more than 80 years of service to Malawians saying it is a noble task.

“I would like to thank the leaders and members of this church for the role they are playing in serving our public through preaching the message of our Lord Jesus Christ, various charity works to our communities and institutions like a nursery and primary school for our children. You should know that as a church you are playing a great role in developing this nation and that is a noble task.” Joyce Banda.

The President with those remarks, appealed to the members of ST Columba and all Malawians to disapprove of corruption and fraud, saying her government is doing all its can but the battle belongs to all Malawians.

“Please be good citizens and refrain from any form of corruption and fraud. The progress of this country is in the hands of each and every individual, and one way of safeguarding our progress is by not being corrupt and greedy. As a church I hope we will set as a good example in our homes, schools and various work places.” Joyce Banda.

To promote the work of God, Joyce Banda donated 200 bags of cement to youth members who have a project of renovating a church and a sum of 1.5 million Kwacha to help the church in its various projects and activities.

On 13th October 2013, ST Columba church clocked over 80 years since its establishment in the year 1932. The church famously known as ‘the warm heart of Blantyre Synod’ conducted the celebration to celebrate its achievement and honor the saint, Columba who greatly contributed in establishing the church. The theme of the celebration was ‘the lord has been our help’ taken from the book of psalms, chapter 122 verses 1-9.