By Tabitha Silungwe and Ethel Gunde 05/03/2014

It has been revealed that besides the 92 billion kwacha siphoned from government coffers by DPP and Mutharika government officials in 2010, Forensic Auditors have uncovered evidence of deleted files in the year 2011 that constitutes the looting of the economy worth 120 billion kwacha.

“There are names of officials and politicians some of them in top DOP leadership posts implicated and the Anti Corruption Bureau will be studying the file carefully before making am arrest. The evidence of looting is so overwhelming by DPP and it is now being revealed that the culture of looting continued by the very people contracting government officers to siphon money for them and then in turn blaming the current government but this file will shock the nation.” Said the official.

Following the Forensic Auditors’ revelations of theft by DPP government it has been rumoured that fear and panic has gripped the party leadership as an arrest of some party leaders is awaiting. “Right now Mutharika has been treated for high blood pressure last night following the revelations and he is not himself the way he conducts himself,he constantlyimage opens the door looking outside and telling his aides he thinks he will be arrested, he thinks police will be looking for him.But it took some hours to calm him down after Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda held a press conference disclosing that 92 billion was stolen in the year 2010 alone.”

“The truth of the matter is all is not well in DPP because that is where things completely got out of control but the forensic Auditors have looked at the detailed information of looting, all of them are concerned that the country lost so much money by DPP government and Bingu Mutharika thieving totalling to almost 60% of the county’s budget.Some transactions are directly linked to Ndata.” Said the source.image