Senior DPP Gurus Plotting Against Chilima

Muli is among the many plotting against the VP

Muli is among the many plotting against the VP

By Chimwemwe Lusungu

Senior DPP officials are busy plotting against Vice President Saulos Chilima to push him out of the party and stop President Peter Mutharika’s succession plans.

Some members of the party’s politburo confided this week that they want Chilima out and have been working against him since he was appointed as running mate.

“Those who were very close to late President Bingu Mutharika like Hon. Henry Mussa, and his wife Agrina, Hon Jean Kalilane, Hon George Chaponda and Hon Heatherwick Ntaba, Noel Masangwi and Leston Muli are leading the campaign to unseat Chilima by all means possible,” said a source who asked for anonymity.

“These are the same people that confused late President Bingu wa Mutharika told him lies about then Vice President Joyce Banda and made him lose confidence in her. They now want to do the same with Chilima,” he said.

Another said that speculation is already rife that Chilima is forming parallel structures in the central region and using the Catholic Church as his launch pad.

Joyce Banda could not see eye to eye with Mutharika. She was ignored, frustrated and stopped from attending presidential functions including cabinet meetings. She was accused of forming parallel structures

“Some people are still traumatised in the party after the death of Bingu and they don’t want that to ever happen again and want their own to be Vice President and not Chilima,”said the source.

Chilima, a former executive from Airtel, surprised everyone when he resigned from Airtel to join politics. A few days later Peter Mutharika appointed him as his running mate shocking the rank and file of the party.