Senior Chief Kaomba calls for the abolishment of cultural beliefs fuelling early marriages


Senior Chief Kaomba of Kasungu has said that safe motherhood programmes can be easily championed only when traditional beliefs that fuel early marriages are abolished so that Malawi succeeds in ending maternal deaths.

Challenging the nation during the Family Planning Association of Malawi (FPAM) open day held at Lisasadzi Primary School on Wednesday, the senior chief who said his area had experienced the worst rising cases of maternal and neonatal deaths, called upon all concerned to actively help by desisting from such cultural norms.

“We must encourage girls to pursue formal education so that at the end they get good jobs and eventually have good families. “Early marriages ruin our society,” said senior chief Kaomba.

This is because the youths who were supposed to develop this area are already married exposing them to premature deaths due to pregnancy complications.

“With my fellow chiefs we have come up with bi-laws that are helping in ruling out such beliefs and bad attitudes of the society towards girl’s education. Thanks to many organizations including FPAM for their resilient support in spreading messages that have changed peoples mind sets” he said.

In her remarks FPAM’s Programmes Officer Ndidza Chisanu assured the general public of the organization’s total commitment in making sure that all people access family planning methods which helps in championing safe motherhood programs.

“with our clinics placed in most parts of this country and mobile clinics outreaching even in the remotest areas, people can easily access such family planning methods which most have found it hard due to long distances and differences in cultural beliefs towards such methods,” he said Chisanu.

The Open Day was held under the theme “Family Planning methods, a good cause for our daily needs”