PP defends JB’s giving support to the poor

By Banthu Times Reporter 29/10/2013

The ruling People’s Party says it is dismayed with calls by some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other quarters that President Joyce Peoples Party should stop giving help to the poor.
A local newspaper on Tuesday this week quoted among others, Benidicto Kondowe, spokesperson of grand CSOs coalition as being calling for President banda to stop giving support to the poor, underprivildged and needy.

But the ruling party in a statement signed by the party’s Deputy Spokesperson, Kenneth Msonda, described the calls as being unfortunate arguing president Banda has a clear track record of sharing to the needy.

“If truth be told, sharing the little you have with the needy, the poor or the underprivileged the way our State President H.E Dr Mrs Joyce Banda is doing, is an in-born gift from God.

It does not necessarily mean the giver have more to share. We have well to do people in our midst, who have plenty or more than enough, but unable share with those in-need,” says the ruling party.

Msonda said the party believes the CSO’s line of thought is a deliberate distortion of facts on the ground to mislead people for their political or personal gains.

He said: “H.E.Dr Mrs Joyce Banda have a track record of sharing the little God Has blessed her with those in-need, way before she ascended to the high office of State President. Peace loving Malawians whose blood veins is not contaminated with viruses of jealousy and envy can bear witness to this fact.

The party said it is inhuman and undemocratic line of thinking to discourage those God in His wisdom has chosen to be His vessel(s) to reach out and help others.

“We would like to advise such people to avoid discouraging others who help the poor in whatever form, be it by way of hand-outs or otherwise in the best interest of those who benefit from such gesture, that they should come up with their own initiatives and ways to reach out to the underprivilaged, the needy, the orphaned, the poor etc,” he said.

President JB has a track record of helping the poor. Meanwhile her body, Joyce Banda Foundation helps reaches out and help a lot of poor Malawians.