By Rose Masamba.  11/05/15

It has been revealed Malawi President Peter Mutharika is behind the arrest of Former Army Commander General Odillo and Lt Colonel Chafuwa so the two can be tortured in police cells and threatened so they can implicate former president Dr Joyce BandaPolitician-Peter-Mutharika

State House secret source revealed Mutharika had meetings with DPP cadets discussing evil plans to find whatever fake reasons to arrest Joyce Banda and deal with her in cell so “nobody will know what happened.”

Our highly placed source revealed that Mutharika who suffers from kidney disease and heart angina has ordered that he would like to see the end of Dr Joyce Banda by all means. In keeping up with Mutharika’s evil plan to eliminate Dr  Joyce Banda national security former guards who were guarding the former president have been withdrawn and disarmed so she is completely vulnerable with no defence and protection.

Our Banthu Times’ state house source said ” Odillo’s arrest has nothing to do with financial abuse, I can tell you he is just being sacrificed by this Mutharika so Joyce Banda can be implicated and then a warrant of arrest can be issued so she can be extradited and be dealt with while I’m police cell. That’s the whole plan. If government had anything on the former Army Commander he could have been arrested many months ago but now Peter knows he is running out of conspiracy theories to implicate JB hence the arrests.”

The state house source went further, ” We had a meeting last week and the concern was people were getting angry with him over the jet issue and sale of MSB and clearing Mulli’s debts of five billion kwacha  so he hatched a plan, implicate Joyce Banda more and make arrests to divert attention.”

Malawi Former President Dr Joyce Banda survived an assassination attempt by DPP and Mutharika in 2011 after she switched cars in last minutes when welcoming Bingu from abroad at the airport and sources allege it was Peter Mutharika behind these moves.

Since winning Malawi General Elections by fraud Mutharika has failed to govern the nation as the prices of goods are increasing everyday, water shortages are critically worse, hospitals have no medicines and the economy is ailing. Corrupt Mutharika has sanctioned the sale of Malawi Savings Bank to reward personal friends who borrowed from the bank by writing off of their debts up to 8 billion kwacha.