By Agnes Chautaaliko 14/6/15
It has been revealed that Malawi President Peter Mutharika has been mentioned in the Pricewaterhouse Coopers a Germany funded audit report as the main suspect in the 92 billion theft of public funds as it has been revealed that he transferred 25 billions kwacha to three separate bank accounts in Singapore and Taiwan on the pretext of importing educational materials

Mutharika: Was implicated in the first house dea

Mutharika: Facing questions over externalising MK 25 Billion kwacha to bogus companies in Taiwan and Singapore in which him and his late brother were the only signatory

Price Water House auditors have carried out investigations trying to trace the companies that Mutharika claimed to have been exporting educational materials to Malawi at the time when Peter Mutharika was a Minister of Edication but both the Taiwan and Singapore authorities have confirmed these companies were owned by same Peter and Bingu wa Mutharika registered on 7th October 2006 as foreign investors.
This means that Mutharika brothers conned the nation believing the country was importing materials from Asian countries while money ended up into their personal bank accounts some transfers into the USA and Australia.

Leaked information from the Pricewaterhouse Coopers, which was sanctioned by the Germany government, have showed that the regime was externalizing K20 million everyday through various ministries authorised by Bingu wa Mutharika and or either Peter Mutharika.

Page 15 of the report shows that as Presidential Adviser and Education Minister, Mutharika was one of the people who dubiously used their foreign accounts to externalize the money.

Further information reveal Mutharika made five trips to Singapore, Hong kong and Panama to launder the K25 billion.image

Others mentioned in the report are George Chaponda and Henry Mussa. The party also used several State House employees, intelligence officers and relatives of the First Family (Bingu and Callista) to externalize government money all over the place both locally and outside.

National Audit Office, Lawrence Chinkhunda, has confirmed that PWC have finalized the audit and presented the report to relevant authorities.

The report’s implications means Mutharika has a case to answer before the courts and Parliament will demand he steps down to pave away for investigations

  • jackson

    Bingu must step down this is not what kamuzu was doing. we will remember N
    gwazi wa muyaya

  • jackson

    this is not time to sleep you malawians. we look stupid because we dont know politics, how can you take foreign identity to presidency ,now look what is happening now