Parliament asked not to confirm Kanyama, he is retired!


IG Appointee Kanyama

By Banthu Times Reporter

One of countries renowned legal expert has asked parliament not to confirm the appointment of Inspector General of Police, Paul Kanyama since he already retired from the service and received his severance pay from the government, Banthu Times has learnt

President Arthur Peter Muntharika nominated Paul Kanyama alongside Rodney Jose for the post of Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General of Police respectively after the retirement of Loti Dzonzi as the countries IG

However, it has been learnt that the appointee, Kanyama is already retired from the service and hence the appointment contravenes the Public Service Procedures said the source.

The expert further argued that in a country of 15 million people and a police force of over 20,000 well qualified officers, it is ironic to appoint a retired officer to such a high office

“When shall we have up and coming officers assume the office of the IG? How can we have a retired officer being appointed when we have able people within the police.” Queried the expert “I therefore urge the parliament not to approve Kanyama to send the message to the leadership that we need to uphold our own laws.’

On a related issue, the appointed DIG, Rodney Jose is incriminated in the murder of a polytechnic student in 2011, Robert Chasowa and put to question the Countries ability to upholding human rights as the current government continues to be silent on the matter