By Agnes Chautaaliko 23/6/15
Attempts to hide or alter the audit report which implicates Malawi President Peter Mutharika are backfiring as Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe is caught contradicting with the National Audit Office on the whereabouts of the report.

Banthu Times can reveal three contradicting statements have been issued by people who work closely together and these statements have been issued in a hurry without giving enough thoughts regarding the implications

Goodall Gondwe

Goodall Gondwe: Defending Corruption of Malawi President with lies and misstatements

For example Mr Lawrence Chinkunda of National Audit confirmed that PWC have finalized the audit and the report has been submitted to relevant authorities. However Goodall Gondwe the Finance Minister claimed no report has been submitted to him which is a contradiction to Auditor General telling the public that the so-called audit was just data analysis.

Reliable sources have confirmed Peter Mutharika and his late brother are major suspects in the siphoning of 92 billion kwacha meant for developments for the people of Malawi and for this reason there is panic in government to surrender a false report before parliament although they are not aware donors are also studying every step closely as to how aides are behaving to defend the thieving president Peter Mutharika and his family.

Meanwhile Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya has been angered by the behaviours of fiancé minister and the auditor General in trying to hide the truth about the forensic audit report. Msowoya remarked, ” Your conduct is bringing the office of the speaker into disrepute we need the truth and nothing else.”
According to page 15 of the report Mutharika is the main suspect and was fraudulently externalising 20 million kwacha everyday to Far East Asian nations as part of the corruption syndicate to defraud Malawi when he was Education Minister.

An interview with Embassy officials from Britain it was said, ” We are aware of the report and we know what’s going on but let us wait and see because any tampering of the report will cause the situation to deteriorate all we are asking is for government officials to cooperate and not be part of obstructing free flow of information which is key to fight corruption.”