Panic grips Mutharika Family and DPP at the passing of Sata


Late President Sata, his death is cause for worry in Malawi politics

By McAthur Chaponda

The death of president of Zambia Michael Chilufya Sata has created anxiety and caused panic in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the Mutharika family fearing for the worst for the incumbent Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika.

The panic and anxiety comes in bearing the past similarities in the presidency of the two countries where there is a lot of commonalities between the two countries and the passing of Sata has created rumors in Malawi that the current President might not complete his term as well.

Members of the Mutharika family have vented their anger and frustration on the social media. A niece of Mutharika based in the United States called Abiti William Manice on facebook wrote that she is dismayed on how wicked and immature other people can be

“President Sata has passed, may his soul rest in peace. It is very sad that others are comparing that whatever happens in Zambia happens in Malawi too. Let me not beat about the bush; there is no reason to wish anyone dead, no matter who they are or what they did to you. People who do this are immature, insensitive and don’t fully understand the impact of their words. It is said in the heat of the moment and those words cannot be taken back. Not even your worst enemy deserves to die. People who wish others dead because they think that person is bad, are just as bad as the person they are directing their words to,’’ wrote Manice

The other Mutharika family member to vent the anger is the daughter of Late Bingu wa Mutharika, Duwa Mubaira who also took to the social media accusing Malawians as wishing the Mutharika family ill.

“Even when the government came and tried to take away everything by conjuring lies, people celebrated. My daughter never wants to live in Malawi again cause at 8 then 6 she says ‘mommy when grandpa went to heaven people at school treated me differently and they stopped inviting me to birthday parties’.” Wrote Mubaira

A source within the DPP confided to Banthu Times that when the news of Sata death reached the state house, there was panic and one would sense tension.

“Already there are fears that the President might not survive the next five years and the news of the death of Zambian President is like adding salt to injury which is likened to the fore runner for events in Malawi,” said the source.

Presently, the DPP and the Mutharika family wishes that the jinx affect Malawi and Zambia would be broken. Ironically, the DPP and Mutharika family used to liken the Zambian and Malawian situation prior to the election in predicting that Joyce Banda will lose the elections. They further likened Late Bingu wa Mutharika to Late Lev Mwanawasa.

These are the similarities of the Malawi and Zambian Presidency which has affected the DPP and the Mutharika family.

Both Dr. Kaunda and Dr. Kamuzu Banda were longest serving Presidents of both countries and their roots are somehow not traced from Zambia and Malawi, respectively.

Both Kaunda and Kamuzu, having a common slogan of “Wamuyaya” (Forever), had something to carry in their hands as symbol of authority;

President Chiluba, born in 1943, took over from Kenneth Kaunda and Bakili Muluzi,born in 1943, took over from Kamuzu Banda. Both Chiluba and Muluzi went on to seek a 3rd term of office but failed after extreme opposition to both bids.

FTJ Chiluba brought in Levy Mwanawasa and campaigned for him single headedly; Bakili Muluzi brought in Bingu wa Mutharika and campaigned for him single headedly. As fate would have it both Mwanawasa and Mutharika won those elections.

Shortly after being elected as President, Mwanawasa fell out favour with Chiluba and dragged him to court over corruption; shortly after being elected as President, Mutharika fell out favour with Muluzi. The new Malawian President took his predecessor to court over corruption.

Now it gets interesting; Chiluba was prosecuted by Mwanawasa administration Muluzi was prosecuted by Mutharika Administration Mwanawasa won a 2nd Term of office Mutharikha won a 2nd Term of office Mwanawasa chose Rupiah Banda as Vice President Mutharika chose Joyce Banda as Vice President Mwanawasa died in his 2nd term of Office due to Cardiac Arrest Mutharika died in his 2nd term of Office due to Cardiac Arrest (both deaths were predicted by TB Joshua)

Rupiah Banda took over from Levy Mwanawasa due to death of incumbent; Joyce Banda has taken over from Bingu wa Mutharika due to death of incumbent. The people who took over from the dead Presidents in both countries are named “Banda”!

After 3yrs, President Banda in Zambia lost to veteran opposition leader Michael Sata. Joyce Banda lost elections to veteran political party DPP led by Peter Mutharika.

Michael Sata dies after 3 years in office, will president Mutharika die after 3 years in office? lets wait and see