Organisers funded President Banda’s trip to Nigeria because of her tough stance on corruption, the powerful leader returns today

By Mwayi Mekemeke

Organisers of the Emmanuel Onyechere Anyiam- Osigwe lecture series funded Africa’s most powerful and influential woman, Malawi President Dr. Joyce Banda’s trip to Lagos, Nigeria on Wednesday this week because they wanted a lecture from an Africa leader who is committed to
fighting corruption, Banthu Times has learnt.CSC_0658

“We looked all over the continent and we noted that Joyce Banda has put up a strong fight against corruption even though she faces an election next year. Since we really wanted her to address this year’s gathering we offered to fund the president and her entourage,“ said one of the organisers.image

And Speaking to reporters before her departure at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe, President Banda also stressed that her trip to Nigeria has been fully funded by APB Speakers International organisers of the meeting.

“Let me highlight here that I got the invitation to go to Lagos,Nigeria and deliver a lecture, however the questions I was asking myself was where to get the money but lucky enough the organisers assured that they would fully fund the trip and the
entourage,” said President Banda.

President Banda who left on a private jet, is expected to come back home today.