By Charity Chikaya. 12/5/15
Inside sources have revealed that the only crime Army General Henry Oddilo committed was refusing to collaborate with Malawi President Peter Mutharika to take part in a coup three years ago.

“I can confirm General Oddillo has not done anything outside the law. Over the last few months he has been under immense pressure by DPP and Peter Mutharika to explain himself why he refused to allow Peter Mutharika to take over the leadership when Bingu died. I can only fear for his life as he received threatening messages from unknown numbers that his time was near.” Said the source
General Henry Odillo was Commander of the Malawian Defence Force. He was appointed as the commander General of Police in July 2011 after the nation-wide protests against Bingu wa Mutharika and replaced General Marko Chiziko. Prior to this appointment he served as Malawi’s military attache at Malawi’s High Commission in London.

General Odillo was dismissed by Peter Mutharika in June 2014. The government was trying it’s best to implicate him in a corruption case but there is no evidence that he made payments to suppliers without goods delivered.

Documents in possession of Banthu Times reveal that Odillo and Chafuwa are innocent but are being made as sacrificial lambs to divert the attention of Malawians who are extremely angry with Peter Mutharika for dubiously undervaluing MSB which is worth about 200 billion kwacha so it can be sold for the cheap to wipe off debts of friends like Mulli owing 5 Billion Kwacha.

Odillo has been much lauded for the role he played in the 2012 Malawian constitutional crisis in which an attempt by Peter Mutharika to cover up the death of his brother President Bingu wa Mutharika in order to stop vice-president Joyce Banda from becoming president was blocked

When approached by Peter Mutharika and top officials in the government with regards to taking over the government while the succession to the presidency was decided, Odillo told Mytharika and the other Mid Night Six members that there was no constitutional provision that allowed the army to take over and that the constitution would need to be followed. He told Peter Mutharika that he could not support an ‘illegal government’.

Since his arrest Army General Oddillo and Lt Col Chafuwa have not been asked nor interviewed. Our sources reveal they were taken to separate police cells stinking of urine and given blankets full of lice. Army General Odillo has an impeccable record of serving his nation and it cannot be acceptable that his life should be at the centre of fraudulent politicians who want to divert attention of the public asking government why selling MSB worth over 200 billion kwacha to friends and crooks for a few millions and whipping off debts of Mulli.