By Simon Njelwa 13/5/15

Malawi Former Army Commander General Henry Odillo and his junior Lt General Chafuwa were moved to notorious Maula Prison this evening in a police van and the families have been refused permission to speak or visit them, Banthu Times can reveal.

Information coming from Malawi Prison authorities confirmed General Odillo is being kept at Maula Maxmum security prison and when asked further as to why this development, our source said, “We don’t know the reasons why they brought him to Maula but it’s from orders coming from above.”

imageMeanwhile family members are being prevented from visiting and communicating with the former army commander a move which has raised eye brows about the intentions of this government as neither ACB nor police have interviewed General Odillo and Lt Gen Chafuwa.

“It is by law that when an individual has been arrested he or she should be told the reasons and also be given opportunity to respond to the allegations or be charged within 48 hours but nothing of that has happened. This is abuse of police powers to arrest someone without evidence and say the person should be languishing in cells just because there claim to be still investigating. This is unbelievable because under normal circumstances ACB must have done their home work before arresting anyone.” Said Our source from police headquarters.

General Odillo was arrested for corruption charges regarding the supply of army products but critics argue it is the nature of Mutharika President to implicate others with false criminal charges when the public is angry with his weak leadership. His late brother Bingu wa Mutharika used the same strategy he arrested the Vice President Cassim Chilumpha on fake treason charges and put him on house arrest for years without charge.