NGOs in Malawi shoot down Charter

Bamusi - so much to learn from Dr_ King_001

Mavuto Bamusi

By Staff Reporter

In dramatic twist of events, the Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) in the country shot down the proposed NGO charter which is meant to regulate and control the work of NGOs in the country. Ironically, President Peter Mutharika is expected to launch the same charter this morning at Crossroads Hotel.

Council for Non Governmental Organizations (CONGOMA) annual general assembly discussed at length the charter which most international organizations indicated that they cannot adopt a document which they don’t know.

The consultant who was responsible for putting up the charter, lawyer Justine Dzonzi tried in vain to plead with the organizations to approve the charter. The Outgoing chairperson of CONGOMA, Voice Mhone also tried as much as possible to request the gathering to adopt the charter of which the president will have to launch the following day

Throwing the wait on the same was Predisidential Advisor on NGOs, Mavuto Bamusi who also pleaded to the gathering even citing that failure to do so would jeopardize even his own work for he was expected to report back to the boss who happens to be the president.

All these pleas met resistance and created a deadlock within the meeting. The proponent of the charter want it adopted badly especially that a planned event for its launch was already underway with President Mutharika confirming attendance.

As we are going to press we the charter was yet to be adopted and we are waiting eagerly to see what the President will launch at crossroads hotel.