Mzimba faces Slow progress in Vasectomy

By Wisdom Ngwira 11/09/2013

Despite Vasectomy currently being the only reliable way of family planning among men, it has been noted that it is the least opted method in largely dominated Ngoni district of Mzimba.

The district’s health officer (DHO), Dr Wongani Nyangulu disclosed this recently in Mzimba during a media site visit on family planning commodity security organized by American based Population Reference Bureau.

“From the period starting January 2012 to (January)2013,there has been nobody who has come to access the vasectomy at the facility despite being the most reliable way of family planning and free of charge,” said Nyangulu.

The DHO said most men in the district have a negative perception regarding the method mostly because of the fact that once this method is done, there is no possibility of reversal.

“Most people in Mzimba are Ngonis, so as you know there is a belief that manhood is accompanied by having children. Some Ngonis believe being vasectomies is a sign of being villain since there is no possibility of having children anymore,” explained Dr Nyangulu.

Nyangulu said many men in the district prefer to choose temporary methods of family planning like use of condoms and natural methods like rhythm, which to the doctor are less reliable compared to the shunned vasectomy.

According to Dr Nyangulu’s presentation during the media site, more women preferred depo provera, combined oral contraceptives, progestine pills and implants were the most practiced methods respectively while.

Meanwhile media trainer for Population reference bureau, Rob Jamieson expressed worry over men’s reluctance to undergo vasectomy in the country.image
“It is worrisome to note that since 1978, only 18 men have gone for vasectomy in the country” said Jamieson.