Mwapasa earmarked to replace Dzonzi as IG


Peter Mukhito: Mwapasa following his footsteps

By Charity Mlumbe

News reaching Banthu Times indicates that Commissioner Duncan Mwapasa has been earmarked to replace the current Inspector General of Police Loti Dzonzi any time soon. In preparation for the position, Mwapasa was recently promoted to a position of a commissioner and currently works as Guard Commander for the state residences.

This process is likened to the rise of former IG Peter Mukhitho who was fast promoted to position of commissioner and then a guard commander for late Bingu wa Mutharika. Mukhitho was later appointed to the position of the Inspector General and presently works as a Chief of Staff for same staff residence

Sources within the police and statehouse indicate that the appointment is imminent. “Mwapasa was supposed to be appointed by now but the president deliberately delayed the announcement since he was under pressure for hiring many people from the Lhomwe region” said the source.

If this comes to pass, then Mutharika will complete the whole sweep of the security machinery within the police and the army by changing all top positions. The army has seen both the Commander and Deputy being removed while at the police the Deputy Inspectors have been removed leaving only Dzonzi as a sore survive. However the sources within the police indicate that Dzonzi days are numbered.