Mwanza Youth Network established, youths urged to be development focused

By Mwayi Mekemeke 26/12/2013
Youths in Mwanza have been urged to desist from being used by political parties in agitating violence but rather be proactive in their participation to the social economic activities that foster development of the district.

District Youth Technical Sub-committee Chairperson, Harris Kachali said this recently when he advised newly elected office bearers for the district youth network during the district youth stakeholders meeting.

“You need to understand your roles and as leaders you should have a mission and vision on youth development. We are expecting you to lead your fellow youths in the right direction and help them avoid being negatively used by politicians,” he said.

He added that if the just voted leadership governs the grouping rightly youths would be able to make good decisions which in the end would make them reliable citizens.

He said he is sometimes amazed to see people in leadership positions abusing the youth by employing them in activities that expose and harm their future.

District Youth Officer, Oscar Mulenga said district youth network is very important to the development of youngsters as it looks into the problems the youth are facing in their daily living.

“Through this forum, youth problems are solved by the youth themselves and it is very imperative that the network should be vibrant and find ways of resolving conflicts that hinder them from development,” he said.

Mulenga also said the network would execute its duties for two years and those elected would undergo an orientation meeting that would help them in the implementation of youth development.

He also advised the elected members to be exemplary in their living and avoid being involved in scandalous behaviors that would tarnish the image of the network.

He said youths should have good attributes such as being innovative, energetic and development oriented adding such characteristics can help in changing people’s perception of the young people.

“Youth nowadays are associated with bad things. We want you to change that image by being good citizens. In this way, you can also help others stop doing bad activities and this would eventually lead to the society trusting you with other noble activities,” he said.
Meanwhile, a 10-member youth network has been formed which comprises six boys and four girls. Members were drawn from the three youth network zones of Kanduku, Nthache and Govati in Mwanza district.