By Chisomo Mwalwanda 30/4/2015

It has been revealed that Malawi President Peter Mutharika who came into power through fraud has been planning to frame his predecessor with fake murder charges so she cannot be practising politics in Malawi.

State house sources divulged to Banthu Times that Peter Mutharika is frustrated that there is no evidence in cash gate investigations that would implicate former president Dr Joyce Banda hence he has hatched a plan to implicate her in murder charges.
“I can confirm that there was a top secret meeting at state house in which Mutharika said the only way to arrest Dr Joyce Banda is to fake charges that she tried to poison him when he was in police cell. He has had meetings with some doctors and paid them money so they can tell police they were sent to a cell to see Mutharika when he was arrested for treason two years ago.” Said State House source.

The source went further to disclose that Mutharika had meetings with Inspector General and ordered that Malawi Police should open investigations on which doctor tried to see him when he was arrested, image“This is a tactical plan to implicate Joyce Banda because he fears that although he defrauded the elections results away from her, she is still powerful woman and the only way is to frame her with murder charges. He feels that’s how he can stop her because it’s well known she has no case to answer on cash gate.”