Mutharika Off to USA for Hospital Appointment

By Igrid Salato 14/4/15
Contrary to information that Malawi President Peter Mutharika has gone to the USA purely to deliver a speech at a function where he is a guest speaker reliable sources from state house have revealed the president has also gone on a medical trip to the USA to undergo a medical procedure.

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Mutharika:Off to see a doctor

According to an official statement from government Prof Mutharika and his wife Getrude Mutharika will be visiting the USA on official capacity to attend a function in which he will be the main speaker.

However reliable state house sources have confided to Banthu Times that ,” The president has not been well for sometime and it’s something that needs a special medical procedure which can only be done abroad with specialised doctors as there are no facilities in Malawi. That’s the main reason he will be in the USA but we in government were looking for a special time when he could exit the country without much speculation. We wish him well.”

President Muthariks came to office in 2014 after much disputed elections. He will be in the USA for weeks being attended to by doctors to ensure he is for for work.