By Ingrid Salato 15/4/2015
New information shows Malawi President Peter Mutharika will have a surgery abroad and he lied about his trip to the USA to attend a conference on conservation of the environment and natural resources in which he will be the main speaker with USA President Barak Obama in attendance.

Contrary to state house information that Peter Mutharika will be with other heads of states on this function, it has been revealed that the said conference already took place on 19th March this year and there is no new conference nor any invitation from the American government for President Mutharika

Mutharika: Was implicated in the first house dea

Mutharika: In Hospital

On Tuesday President Peter Mutharika told the nation through his Facebook page, “I arrived in Washington DC in the United States of America where I will deliver a keynote speech at the International Conservation Caucus Gala at the invitation of US President Barack Obama.”

There is no date and time of the event and American officials have confirmed with Banthu Times that President Obama is not expecting to host any leader from Africa this week though Peter Mutharika said Obama will be attending and listening to his keynote speech on the conference about conserving natural resources.

” This trip will be very beneficial to the country since I will join other 500 guests at the Gala, which include International Heads of States, World business leaders and International NGO Community to discuss and share ideas on conservation of natural resources.” Said Mutharika but the said meeting already took place last month as in the website in the link below.

This just confirms Banthu Times investigatory report that Mutharika is undergoing surgery and is failing to tell Malawians the truth about his situation though sources say it is a complicated medical procedure and he may need intensive care following this.