By Alick Sendeza 29/5/2019

New evidence has emerged that Malawi President Peter Mutharika is incapacitated and he is no longer in charge of the country leaving the whole country in crisis.

State House sources have revealed that Peter Mutharika besides being sick, he fell in the bathroom at Sanjika Palace, Blantyre four months ago and this fall has affected his ability to govern the nation.
“We can reveal Peter Mutharika was attended by doctors flown in from South Africa and the doctors warned him his health has completely deteriorated he needed a break. But the president refused the medical advice and this has made him worse. At the moment he can stand and walk a few steps here and there but mentally he is now very fragile, he cannot cope with the pressure of making decisions on matters of the country to the extent that it’s Ben Phiri making dailY decisions. This is a secret nobody wants to reveal because it will complicate the ruling party.”

Our source from state house further revealed Mutharika’s worsening health has been kept a secret from Vice President Saulos Chilima fearing he is likely going to influence calls for Mutharika to step down on medical grounds.

“The whole drama of Ben Phiri resigning was meant to test whether Petet Mutharika can cope on his own without Ben. And the reaction by the president has just proved that Mitharika is indeed a puppet president who is there just ceremoniously while the country is being run by Ben. imageI can reveal to you the moment Ben teased Mutharika with resignation the president was on the phone crying to Ben that he will be finished without him because to the moment he is being shielded by Ben and Gertrude that he is incapacitated.” Said the source.

Malawi President rushed to the press to refute Ben Phoros resignation last week which political scientist say is a sign State house is in a crisis.