Agada Mbewe 02/6/15

Senior University of Malawi lecturer Edge Kanyongolo has just exposed the truth about Malawi President Peter Mutharika that he is brainless who spent 40 years lecturing but publishing just ten pamphlets which are not even cited by any university student of law due to poor quality.image

Kanyongolo’s reaction to Peter Mutharika’s attempt to gag lectures from commenting about academic issues was welcomed by a highly respected scholar Professor Danwood Chirwa who also bashed Mutharika requesting him to mind his own business,” after all he has spent 40 years of being a lecture with barely nothing to consider as an academic publication.”

Professor Chirwa joined Kanyongolo in bashing Mutharika saying the failed President must stop attacking lecturers but instead focus on his failed governance.

Mutharika commenting on Unima fundraising said lecturers better concentrate on researches and publishing in international journals other than commenting on trivia in the country.

In reaction the no nonsense member of the academia dressed down the Malawi President and poked fun into his credibility as Professor.

Kanyongolo whose courage invited a hundred more other scholars to join him crush Mutharika, said the President had no moral fibre to attack lecturers for commenting on issues affecting the country.

He said Mutharika was wrong to describe major issues in the country as trivia. Mutharika has since issued a press release trying to justify his comments but the press release written by Nankhumwa sounded like a standard eight drop out’ letter with no points to back the president.

Law lecturers Prof Chirwa and Kanyongolo and said the President was himself a joke for failing to muster courage to address serious issues in the country and refusing to attend Parliament to answer direct questions on his government.

They also also questioned his academic credibility when he said Mutharika isn’t a professor who can have a chewing gum while walking.

This has been interpreted as questioning Mutharika’s credibility as Professor whose aptitude and dexterity don’t seem to inspire at all.

Prof Chirwa said Mutharika was only being awarded as an ordinary lecturer and not based on publications as he had no publication in the long years of his admission. He also said Mutharika held no single leadership position at the Universities in the USA despite serving since 1977.

Another lecturer Levi Zeleza Manda said it was disgusting that the President was talking about publishing when his own government was failing to fund University research projects even for the under graduates.

“Mutharika is not only a failed president but an impotent leader just put him in any department he will fail, and for the nation it’s just a big accident it’s being led by such a failure,” commented Susan PHiri from Lilongwe.