By Masida Mbewe 20/5/15

State house sources have revealed to Banthu Times that non performing President Peter Mutharika is linked to a conspiracy to assasinate former Malawi President Dr Joyce Banda.

Details have emerged that National Intelligence Bureau Director Nicolas Dausi has been bugging phone calls between Dr Joyce Banda and her family to trace her plans for her travel back to Malawi and he was at state house Tuesday giving feedback to Peter Mutharika on how the hired men will be following Dr Joyce Banda.
Our impeccable source revealed, ” The president doesn’t have sleeps the fact that it is obvious he has failed to govern and former president’a return will mean people will be turning their attention to her.”

“DPP have been following Dr Joyce Banda using their secret men even in the United States of America and they are disappointed that her reputation and fame internationally is undermining the president hence they feel the best strategy is to either lure all Peoples Party key members to quit the party with false promises of making the quitters ministers or giving them a government contract so that she can few there is no support for her. But they fear that given her strength to build support on her own from grass root level this will not be enough that’s why there is a conspiracy to assassinate her.”

Another source based in Blantyre an ex police intelligence officer has revealed, ” I was approached by Dausi that there is a job at state house for me. I was invited and told what is needed but when they started talking about Dr Joyce Bansa I told them to get lost I have much respect for that woman and I will not allow anyone to touch her. I was told she would be arrested by DPP on fake charges and be poisoned in cells or arrange an accident like how Raphael Tenthani has been killed but I pray God to protect her and give her long life.”