Mutharika can prove that elections were credible by opening the pandola box


Mutharika addressing UNGASS

By Charity Mlumbe

People in Malawi have asked President Arthur Peter Mutharika to put to rest the question of credibility of the 20 May elections once and for all which ushered him to power. This call has come on the background that of late, President Mutharika is trying to seize each and every opportunity to justify his elections which most observers noted was marred with irregularities and opposition parties accusing him and the Democratic Progressive Party of rigging the elections

A Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member of parliament opting for anonymity said that every one knows that the DPP stole the elections. It is therefore only prudent that the President can act on the matter rather than talking.

“Mutharika is well aware of what happened. His party rigged the elections. If indeed he believes that he won the election fair and square, why not prove it to the world? We still have the evidence locked in the ballot boxes, why not reopen them to prove what he is saying?” said the MP

The MP urged Mutharika that the best way to solidify his position is to act and prove to the whole world that indeed he won the elections free and fairly.

In his maiden address to the United National General Assembly, Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika stressed that the 20 May elections which ushered him and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) into power were credible. Mutharika said that despite few challenges, the polls were generally free, fair and credible. Mutharika took his time to thank all the electoral stakeholders both local and international for a job well done.

However, most Malawians believe that Mutharika and his DPP rigged the elections and they know that once the ballots are opened, they will expose mass irregularities and even provide evidence that indeed the elections was rigged.

“The DPP and Mutharika administration has used each and every excuse in the book to stop the truth from coming out. It is on record that they stopped the recounting of the ballots when even Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) acknowledged mass irregularities and indicated that the only way to deal with them was to recount each and every ballot. Even when the court ordered the recount in one constituency, Lilongwe City South East, the DPP resorted to burning the ballots just to make sure that truth should not be known” Said a member of civil society. He said

“It does not help Mutharika to talk at each and every opportunity that the elections were credible and when people demand the truth, he is burning the ballots. He should just move on and be the president he is otherwise nobody is convinced with this charade that he is making. It is also an insult for Mutharika to say that there were minor challenges with the elections. Yet MEC and whole country acknowledge huge challenges faced ever” added the CSO leader