Muntharika Comes back to a Hungry Nation Empty Handed After Chartering A Jet Costing 8 Million US Dollars

By Cynthia Moyo 24/4/2015
After portraying a good image to the world about Malawi and its residents it seems President Muntharika will come back to a hungry nation which has no enough food to cater for its citizens all this due to his failures.

Mutharika hired a private jet costing the nation 8 million dollars to get treatment and surgery in America at the pretext of attending a conference but we can reveal the nation is facing chronic hunger this year.

Banthu times has established that as indicators increasingly point to a sharp decline in the production of maize for food in Malawi, prices of the maize on the market are increasingly shooting.
Most ADMARCs across the country are going through a crisis of not having maize and visit to some ADMARC selling points in Mzuzu, Lilongwe, Blantyre and other areas reveal queues of people hunting for maize as they cannot afford elsewhere.
Even the local vendors say it is hard for them to buy maize in the various districts of Malawi because people do not have maize hence maize is now being imported from neighbouring Tanzania and Zambia.

A 50 kilogram bag of maize which was selling at K5,400, until mid-March is now going at K8,100, in most of the cities in Malawi.

“There is no maize in the country. We are importing from neighbouring countries,” Mwagomba, a trader in Mzuzu city.

There has been a serious dry spell besides initial delayed heavy rains and floods that hit the country from the onset of the rain season this season such that thousands of crop fields have been destroyed, washed away or weathered.image

Although government has not yet made public its figures on this year’s crop yield estimates, it has already begun encouraging farmers not to sell whatever maize grain they still have in stock. Lately, all official maize grain outlets are rationing the sale of the commodity an indicator many say points to disaster ahead.

A 50 kilogram bag of maize at ADMARC ordinarily sells at K4, 000 but confirmed
reports indicate that there are limited stocks in outlets.
Civil Society Agriculture Network CisaNet estimated recently that maize harvest in the country is likely to drop by 30 and 40 percent this year unlike in 2013/2014.