Muluzi called a ” hypocrite” following remarks on dancing Muslim women

By Ahmed Ibrahim, Banthu Times 14/08/2013

Members of the Muslim Association of Malawi have called former president Bakili Muluzi a hypocrite who is playing double standards after he criticized muslim women dancing for president Dr Joyce Banda.

An impeccable source within the Muslim Association of Maimagelawi has revealed that immediately after Muluzi’s statements the executive members of the Muslim Association of Malawi demanded apology from Bakili Muluzi for bringing religion into politics for the sake of gaining popularity for his son Atupele Muluzi .

Reacting to Muluzi’s statement, one of the Sheikhs said, ‘ Bakili Muluzi is a desperate man trying to lure all muslim to follow his son who is becoming unpopular day by day as people see no tangible policy in him. He has recently tried to frequent mosques trying to hard to disturb the support Dr Joyce Banda is enjoying amongst Muslims.’

In a similar development a member of Parliament for Mangochi Yusuf Matumula has accused former president Bakili Muluzi of double standards, Muslim women were singing and dancing for him when he was UDF president, even in Islamic countries people do sing and dance in Hijub during their celebrations’

Many political analyst believe Muluzi played cards for his son to snatch the leadership from Jumbe as he is desperate to rule Malawi through backdoors after facing trial of swindling billions of tax payers’ money in Malawi.

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    Kwawo kunantha izi zosiyilana

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    I think those were not true Moselims real can’t dance at any Political rally,Mr Bakili was right.

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    Reall muslim can’t do such things.

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    Do not forget kuti its money making time for anyone who have political mind.

  • banthutimes

    Bakili is not a scholar. He is a simple worshiper of once in a very while when it is convenient to him. Let interpretation of such matters rest in the hands of the people with know how.