By Agnes Chautaaliko 25/6/15

The only way forward to have a better Malawi is for all members of parliament to unite and dismiss crooked president Peter Mutharika as his position had become protracted with corruption and theft of public funds. Banthu Tumes are urging MPs to refuse a fake report shared by con Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe.

Mutharika is also being advised by former President Bakili Muluzi who has an ongoing criminal case of theft of public funds up to 2 billion kwacha.
image Banthu Times Group fully endorse the stance taken by Lawyer Member of Parliament OB Chakwantha to put pressure on government to bring forward the real audit report not this fake reconstructed one. In the first place data analysis was never requested from the word go by donors nor parliament as well as government.

This whole idea of hiding the real report and fabricating another one to save corrupt Peter Mutharika is not on. The truth has come out that Mutharika stole billions of kwachas between 2009 and 2012 and the truth has come out that auditor General had been used to reconstruct the report and name it data analysis adding the year 2013. We urge parliament to be vigilant like MP OB Chakwantha as whatever happens will build of destroy Malawi forever. Malawi needs love and truth and we give you the Facebook post by Honourable Chakwantha which we commend.

“I would have patted myself at the back for starting this issue in parliament on 18th of June 2015 (may the records; hansard show this one day in future) if only we had more friends in parliament as MPs backing me up. Today both the cabinet members and ruling party MPs are castigating me for starting this issue which, albeit reluctantly, government has fished out a version of what ought to have been the real forensic audit report done by the PWC south african team and not this Data Analytic version of the PWC Malawi team. image
My heart bleeds for lack of concern by many malawians. Is it because the issue emanated from opposition side of the house? If it could not have been for the Opposition, could the ruling side have shot itself in the feet?
I am still pushing for the forensic report and not this fake Reconstruction of Cashbook report,but even the media, i strongly suspect, has been bought already. They are asking us for interviews on daily basis but end up giving us blackouts next day in their papers.
we know that eventually some of us will end up fighting a lone battle and finally knocked down silently. Sad. I cry for the future of my daughters.”

Independent MPs, People’s Party and Malawi Congress as well as those with common senses in UDF please love your country and wake up. Tolerating this government to hide the truth will leave Malawi hungry, begging and not trusted everywhere in the world. Let you demand the truth in the name of our loving God and let you demand Mutharika to resign so investigations are not tampered with. Blatter on FIFA resigned and Jack Warner was arrested so Mutharika is not god above the law. MPs unite and do the necessary. God bless Malawi!