Matewere accused of bringing NGO sector into disrepute


BEAM Board member, Matewere

By Banthu Times Reporter

Some members of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in Malawi have accused the Vice Chairperson of Council for Non-Governmental Organization in Malawi (CONGOMA) Mr. Maxwel Matewere for putting his personal interest above those of the nation. The sentiments have been said after the remarks said Matewere in the Daily Times of December, 17 about the proposed protest by some sectors of the CSO on the funds from NAC.

Matewere who is also a board member of the first lady’s Organization Beatify Malawi Trust (BEAM) which is at the Centre of the controversy of bulldozing its way to get funds from Nac said that the protests are not justified especially looking at the explanation from Nac

Commenting on the same, one of the renowned CSO leaders accused Matewere of bringing the NGO sector into disrepute.

‘Matewere cannot speak on behalf of CONGOMA on this matter. First he is an interested party as he is one of the board members of BEAM. If anything he should have let the talking to the Chairperson of CONGOMA, otherwise there is a lot of conflict of interest on his part’ said the CSO leader

BEAM alongside Mulakho wa Ahlomwe and NIB is being accused of forcing NAC to finance activities which are non-related to AIDS. Matewere being a board member of BEAM is among the people who orchestrated the funds from NAC to BEAM