Malawi’s top Cop resigns as MPs question his appointment

By Staff Writer

Under growing pressure to step down as Malawi’s Inspector General of Police Paul Kanyama resigned on Friday as parliament started deliberating his confirmation which they were against because his appointment was against regulations in the public service.

Kanyama had already retired from the service and received his severance pay from the government.

His decision has helped save President Peter Mutharika’s face who appointed him three months ago contravening the Public Service regulations and procedures.

“Iam resigning on health grounds because the pressure that comes with the job is worsening my diabetes condition,” he told a news conference at Police Headquarters.

“He knew that we were set to block his appointment by President Mutharika because it was a straight forward case…he has actually saved the President of same embarasment,” said a legislator yesterday.

President Muntharika appointed Kanyama alongside Rodney Jose for the post of Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General of Police respectively after the retirement of Loti Dzonzi as the countries IG

The expert further argued that in a country of 15 million people and a police force of over 20,000 well qualified officers, it is ironic to appoint a retired officer to such a high office

Kanyama is likely to replaced by his deputy Rodney Jose who is, however, incriminated in the murder of a polytechnic student in 2011, Robert Chasowa and put to question the Countries ability to upholding human rights as the current government continues to be silent on the matter