Analysis by Wilson Dauda28/8/15

When I look back and remember that Dr Cassim Chilumpha was under house arrest for almost four years on false treason charges I am reminded of how Bingu Mutharika was a coward. He was a coward who feared competition and opposition.

The only way of silencing his opponents was to drum up criminal charges against them. We all saw how Bakili Muluzi was vilified by Bingu. We all saw how some army generals lost their jobs on fake treason charges. Then Atupele Muluzi and lawyer Raph Kasamba being arrested as a way of silencing opponents. We also saw the beating of journalists under Bingu leadership.
Today his brother is repeating the same evil. He is spending sleepless nights trying hard to find ways of incriminating former president Dr Joyce Banda. He had tried to do girraffiti in police cells to portray himself as a victim but that made him look like a fool. He had tried to hire convict Lutepo to implicate Dr Joyce Banda using fake CCTV footage but that was exposed straight away, he had tried to lure the public into believing his dictator brother was murdered but that was condemned right away, now he has teamed up with another convict Kalonga to implicate Dr Joyce Banda,

All we can adduce from this is that Peter Mutharika is a coward. He fears Dr Joyce Banda. He knows he can’t match her popularity and the only way for him is to be a mafia president. But our strong message to Peter, Malawi is a God fearing nation, the fact that you rigged an election and now you are president you should never think you are untouchable! The world is watching you very closely, leave Dr Joyce Banda alone. She deserves respect and honour not fake accusations propelled by your office.

Those working closely with Peter Mutharika must tell him no matter how he tries to incriminate Dr Joyce Banda he will never be a darling of Malawi. Malawians know he is the one who masterminded the siphoning of hundreds of billions of kwacha from government between 2005 and 2011, Malawians know he is the one who dubiously bought a house worth 78 million kwacha for 3 million kwacha and Malawians know he only became president after getting court injunctions preventing a recount of votes, therefore he must not regard himself as a legitimate president but a thief yet to be prosecuted.

By now we know we have an accidental president who is obsessed with the incrimination of Dr Joyce Banda. That is normal when you have stolen something from somebody you wish the owner should never be around, no wonder he led the delegation of thugs with Dausi to destroy MEC warehouses with fire to prevent vote recount.

This is not strange from someone who rigged votes as only thieves behave in this manner hence Peter Mutharika always fears something is haunting him when he hears the name of Dr Joyce Banda, such is the extent to which a state president has reduced himself to be the caricature of mafia, hate and fraud to implicate his predecessor. He must learn from other countries how Theh live peacefully with opposition.

  • chilemba

    bobza kongoti iweyo umakonda Joyceyo

  • Gold Ruyondo

    that is africas cancer ,leaders who turn against their people and the very tenets of democracy