By Banthu Times Reporter 13/11/2013

Malawians have hailed President Joyce Banda and the Parliament on the passing of Public Officers Assets, Liabilities and Business Interest Bill.

During the debate that was organized by Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS), the Panel of two which consisted Yadema Secretary General Leon Matanda and Human Rights Activists Mabvuto Bamusi hailed President Joyce Banda in having the political will in addressing the Public Officers Assets, Liabilities and Business Interest Bill.
“The President has shown political will in bringing Parliament to discuss this bill so that it should be passed in parliament and we commend the Parliament for discussing the bill as soon as possible and passing for the President to sign it in the next 21 days so that it should pass into law,” Mabvuto Bamusi said.

One of the audience who participated in the debate said that it took the President listening heart for poor Malawians who still suffers in the greedy of those who want to enrich themselves for the president to call upon parliament in-order to discuss the loopholes that were found in the previous bill which shows the Presidents political will and having Malawians at heart.

Another participant said that the President was thinking to the relief of the future generation it is only a precaution against future malfeasance.
Parliament approved the public officer’s declaration of assets, liabilities and business interest’s bill on 8th November 2013.