Malawians feel let down by activists with political agendas like Jessie Kabwila joining MCP

By Ethel Gunde 13/10/2013

Concerned Malawians has ridiculed the so called human rights activist Jessie Kabwila for being an MCP cheer leader and also becoming the new spokesperson for MCP.
Speaking in an Interview with the Banthu times Paul Mtika one of the followers of Jessie Kabwila as an activist said he is disappointed in what the activist has done and she is a disappointment to her followers.

“I was very disappointed when I heard the news that she is a cheer leader of MCP as if that was enough she is now the spokesperson of MCP, a party of darkness, and claims that she has always identified herself with the MCP a party which is failing to apologise to the nation for the atrocities and victimisation of opponents during dictator Kamuzu Banda rule and yet she claims to be a human rights activist. She has forgotten her own family was brutally attacked by MCP thugs and that many lives were lost due to dictatorships of MCP. If she remembers correctly at that time people were oppressed and no human rights was practiced. She is a disappointment to Malawians who followed her as an activist,” He said.
Another Malawian vendor who said he has followed the activist carefully said she now realize that all her arguments had a hidden agenda for she knew from the start she was an MCP cheerleader.

“She wanted to fool Malawians that she was an activist with her arguments when she was ridiculing each government that comes to power with her criticisms when she knew she had a hidden agenda of being an MCP cheerleader.” The vendor said

According to Banthu times observers it shows that Malawians have now seen Kabwila for a woman she is now that she has brought her true colors to the limelight of being a fan to MCP and now a spokesperson to the new NEC of MCP.

Kabwila who was an anti-government critic now shows that she has lost a lot of trust from the Malawians that once followed her with great empathy.

“Kabwila has shown her true colours , you can never trust these so called activists , they make noise whe they have been bribed by other parties , nowadays activists are like prostitutes , let us be careful.”