By Cynthia Moyo
Malawi is expected to face hunger calamity this year due to the heavy rains that lead to floods in most districts in Malawi especially the southern region.

United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) Executive Director, Etharin Cousin has expressed concern with the numerous challenges the country was going through especially having been hit by the worst floods ever.

Cousin said despite being faced with floods, fresh reports were indicating that the country would be hit by hunger which again has posed a threat to the life of many Malawians.
She however promised that the organisation will provide all the necessary support and make sure that no one in Malawi dies of hunger this year.

“We know that the country is recovering from floods and reports are indicating that many areas have been affected by droughts. This is worrisome and as World Food Programme we want to assure you Mr. President and the people of Malawi that we will do everything possible and ensure that no child and family die of hunger,” she said.

She however said to make sure everyone is reached; there was need for the government to quickly carryout a detailed assessment that would determine on the kind and amount of support to be given.
Cousin emphasized on the need for the country to consider irrigation farming to avoid such as this situation.
However some other concerned citizens tend to wonder if government has installed proper measures to prevent this posed threat of hunger which will hit poor Malawians.

In January this year, many parts of the country experienced heavy rains which led to flooding sweeping away houses and gardens of many Malawians. The development forced the President to declare a state of national disaster. While recovering, the country is yet into another disaster which indicates a rooming hunger as many parts have not had enough rains good for their crops.