Malawi police guards Taifa markets from Xenophobic attacks

By Ethel Gunde 24/09/2013

Malawi police have offered maximum security to Tanzanian traders in Mzuzu who are facing risks of their markets being subject to retaliatory xenophobic attacks following the persecution of Malawian citizens in Tanzania.

Malawians living in Tanzania had been subjected to xenophobic attacks by the Tanzanians after authorities issued a decree of getting rid of illegal immigrants.

Media reports indicate people from Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Malawians have suffered abuse and violence following the government of Tanzania statement to get rid of foreigners.
According to reports some Malawian women have been subjected to rape and violence as they fled from Tanzania and this has caused the public to take the law into their own hands targeting Taifa markets in Mzuzu.

Police have appealed to the public to excercise restraint and discipline than engaging into criminal violence nor retaliatory acts.

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    Very sad for leaders who just think what are in their mind without seing the out come of their action. This issue with affect the region a lot. Leaders please do somethin fast before this region turns to middle east crisis