By Susan Sambalikagwa 24/6/15

As Banthu Times revealed that Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe and Attorney General are feeding Malawians with false reports Malawi Congress Party MP OB Chakwantha lays it bare how Malawians are being cheated as below: image

” Malawians let you not be cheated by what just happened yesterday in parliament. If you followed what happened today at parliament at the end of business, might have noticed that I shared notes with Hon Kamlepo Kalua asking him to rise on a point of order.
I had recieved the hard copy of the purported audit report which the Minister of Finance and Auditor General indicated will table as requested by my motion on 18th June.
Alas, despite the Order Paper of business yesterday mentioning that the Minister was to submit a Forensic Audit Report of 92 billion as demanded by myself in that motion in the house, we discovered the reason why ,came yesterday, the Minister of Finance hoodwinked malawians that instead of reading the so called report, he had to refer it to the Public Accounts Committee.
In fact, at the time of making that statement the folder which was supposed to contain the copy of the report, was empty. The Minister was cheating the whole house and the nation that he had the report with him at that time.
The truth we have now discovered is that the Government has two versions. One is the data analysis and the other is the real forensic audit report done by the PWC south african team. Now the government has chosen to feed malawians the data analytic report version so that we all think that this is all that is on the table.
Now at the end of today’s business we rose to ask the Speaker’s office to rule out of order the Minister of Finance for presenting to us an item which was not mentioned nor asked for per my motion or the Order Paper….
As usual, the Ministers were actually seen giving the deputy speaker signals to quickly adjourn the house and not entertain any points of order.
Malawians we are trying our best but you voted us in minority and the numerical strength by our colleagues is now working to your disappointment. Wonder why we always vote for crooks in Malawi!”

Recently National Audit Office Employee , Lawrence Chinkhunda confirmed that PWC have finalized the audit and presented the report to relevant authorities. But Auditor General under pressure from minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe doctored another report extending to the year 2013 where the British funded Baker Tilley report already covered in order to confuse the public and divert the anger away from crooked president Peter Mutharika.