Malawi civil servants get another salary hike: 43 %

Barely six months after Malawi civil servants got a 61 percent salary hike last February, government has given the public workers another 43 percent salary increment.
Following a meeting Civil Servants Trade Union (CSTU) and Government Negotiating Team (GNT) held on 17 June 2013, it was agreed that government walk its February talk in which it promised another salary hike this July.

According to our well-placed sources who attended the meeting at Green House in Area 43, Grade K civil servants will smile with a whooping 43 percent while those in Grade A will get a scanty 2 percent hike.

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“It was agreed that before a circular on salaries is released a draft would be sent to union leaders to check if there’re no deviations from what was agreed,” reads part of the statement which includes the minutes of the meeting.

According to the minutes of the meeting the proposed salary increments are as follows:

Grade A to E: 2%
Grade F to I: 18%
Grade J: 21%
Grade L : 39%
Grade M: 20%
Grade N to R: 13%

Also, the minutes show that entry point for a person with the first degree will be K104, 694 while those with a Diploma will be getting K70, 180 as monthly take home income.