Madam Kagame Shocked with Malawi Politics


Joyce Banda with first ladies at the sidelines of the UN

By Gauthrey Gondola

The first lady of Rwanda, Madam Jeannette Kagame has expressed shock and worry over scandalous allegations making way in the Malawi media that she insulted Former President of Malawi Dr. Joyce Banda. To the contrary, Madam Kagame said that she was proud for the recognition of African women of which Joyce Banda is a model.

Recent media stories by pro-Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) media, the Malawi Voice indicated that the first Lady of Rwanda had stood to insult Joyce Banda at a function held in New York for first ladies of the UN.

In an email response to Banthu Times, press officer for the Rwandan statehouse laughed at the assertions saying that the first of lady of Rwanda was not among the organizers of the event and neither did she choose who to speak.

“The First Lady supported the organizers choice of speakers whom some of them were not first ladies including Malawi former President. As a woman herself, the first lady cannot be the first one to insult a fellow woman more especially from Africa who is a role model among many women.” Said the spokesperson

“The first lady doesn’t want to be drawn into other countries politics, but called upon Malawians to move beyond political lines and start focusing on bigger picture for the sake of the continent. What is transpiring is not only shameful to Malawi but rather to the whole continent where we are showing that we cannot rise beyond petty politics.” Added the spokesperson

Banthu Times has accessed the recordings of the meeting and can confirm that what Malawi Voice wrote about Rwandese First Lady is malicious and has no iota of truth. In fact the recordings have speakers including the Tanzanian First lady who spoke for over 10 minutes saluting Joyce Banda as paving way for women leadership in a male dominated Southern Africa.

Local commentators have accused the DPP for orchestrating propaganda just to damage the image of the former President. The DPP cadres have even gone further to accuse the former president of gate crashing at the first ladies events

“How can a gate crasher be a guest speaker? Are you saying that the organizers decided to seat Joyce Banda at the high table and make a guest speaker after noting she was in the room? This cheap propaganda would not do any good for Malawi but just expose how myopic we are as a country.” Said one Civil Society Leader opting for anonymity