Lilongwe and Mzuzu shun demonstrations

By Banthu Times Reporter 27/02/2014

Despite demonstrations taking place in Blantyre on Thursday, Lilongwe and Mzuzu remained calm with people transacting their businesses as usual.

This was contrary to the expectations of many people who had imagined that the demonstrations would replicate to the Center and the North.

Frank Kaupe of Area 49 said failure to demonstrate in Lilongwe and Mzuzu was a sign of maturity. Kaupe said holding demonstrations was not the rightful way to resolve issues affecting the country but rather through dialogue.

“We have always seen parties resolving their differences by holding peaceful dialogue. I thus thought that Civil Societies should have adopted dialogue in the first place than going on the street,” he explained.

Kaupe saluted Malawians in Lilongwe and Mzuzu for exercising their patience.

Edward Msadala, a business man in the city said he saw no reason to demonstrate.

“Why should I demonstrate when I know that the end result would be death. Frankly speaking I wouldn’t accept to go on the street just to score the interests of few individuals who will later on dump me,” Msadala said.

Civil Society Organisations had organised national demonstration on Thursday but people who would have lead demonstration in the North and Center were in Blantyre. This therefore prompted for the canceling of demonstration in the two regions.

Many people thought the demonstrations would still go on despite the absence of the leaders.

William Kainga of Mzuzu said people in the city were busy conducting their businesses and showed no interest to participate in the demonstrations.

“There is no sign of demonstration in Mzuzu and I don’t think there will be any,” Kainga explained.
Jackson Mwangomba of Lilongwe said many people in the district did not want to participate because of elections scheduled for May 20.
Joyce Banda at her inauguration
“Many People think it is not the right time to demonstrate because elections are just nearby and any involvement in immoral act would send bad signals.