By Agnes Mandala 27/05/2015
Sources from state house have revealed what emerged between the advisor to the president Ben Phiri and his boss Peter Mutharika hours before counter statements were issued to the media about Ben Phiri’s resignation.

In the early hours of Tuesday there was a meeting between DPP Senior leaders and Malawi President Peter Mutharika without Ben Phiri in which the issue of corruption and how Mr Ben Phiri has a suddenly become a billionaire was discussed.
Officials from the DPP provided evidence to Peter Mutharika that Ben Phiri has been pocketing bribes and siphoning money illegally which he has used to purchase a number of houses in posh areas of Lilongwe and owns a fleet of trucks and busses.

The state house source revealed the caucus meeting lasted for about 45 minutes and Mutharika was warned, “We cannot be seen to be fighting corruption when we are not leading an exemplary life. How on earth will people take us seriously when they see one of our people is at the centre of corruption and moreover people out there and donors are angry we have done nothing about the 92 billion kwacha which was stolen between 2005 and 2012.”

Following this meeting it was agreed that Ben Phiri would be ushered in to explain his side of the story. When Ben Phiri was asked to explain, “He lost his temper, he stood up and started shouting, how can you believe these people today. These are the same people who are jealousy. Ok am resigning, you arrest me if you want but know one thing I will not go quietly, I will spill the beans how we rigged the election. You are never a winner after all, it is that woman who won and am trying to protect you so she doesn’t come and take it from you.”

According to sources Ben Phiri left the state house and went on to tell the press he has resigned from DPP. However Peter Mutharika felt uneasy when he heard Ben has spoken to the media. ” He was very anxious and he kept on calling Ben assuring him there will be no action against him. He told Ben he is still the advisor and will not allow others to separate them but knowing Ben was not taking any of his pleas Mutharika rushed to the media as well to issue a counter statement that Ben Phiri had not resigned.”

In the past critics have described Peter Mutharika as a puppet of Ben Phiri and yesterday’s drama just confirmed Malawi President is not himself but a complete puppet of Mr Phiri.