By staff writer

Former People’s Party (PP) disgruntled Provincial Chair Mzomera Ngwira who was fired from PP for bringing trouble in the party rejoins DPP.

The disgruntled MP for Mzimba Hora was sponsored by DPP together with Khumbo Kachali (KK) to disturb PP in the north.

DPP sponsored KK and promised him the Vice Presidency once he take over the PP leadership. KK used Mzomera Ngwira who was the then PC for PP in the north to fight for leadership so that they might work together with DPP to penetrate the north which has been a big challenge to DPP.

Mzomera was then fired from PP after championing his agenda of KK,he later turned violent and sponsored thugs to disturb any PP meeting in the north.

In Chibanja at a joint rally of PP,MCP and Aford,Mzomera sent thugs to disturb the meeting with machetes knives,Dr. Lazarus Chakwera’s body guard was attacked and some thugs were arrested who later mentioned that they were sent by Mzomera but they were released from Mzuzu police because it was a sponsored attack by DPP and Mzomera.
Khumbo Kachali was promised to be the Running mate to Peter Mutharika come 2019 while Mzomera Ngwira was promised to take over the regional governor position for North immediately after succeeding their task.

Both Mzomera and KK have lost trust from the people of north because of their behavior,no one can trust them anymore they wanted to form their own party but it has failed because of lack of support everyone is distancing from them.

We are yet to see if this will materialize.