Kasambara’s Desperation

Kasambara: Pulling all the stops

Kasambara: Pulling all the stops

By Jacob Scott

Disgraced former Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara has taken to social media and using other online publications to prove his innocence after his former domestic worker implicated him in the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo, a senior treasury official.

Jesse Mussa Kafuwe, who worked for the Kasambaras for more than seven years, told the court that Mphwiyo and Kasambara exchanged money on the day of the shooting.

Former President Joyce Banda had ordered an investigation into Mphwiyo’s shooting and also asked the Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate the former Budget Director. She also went ahead to sack Kasambara after police arrested him and charged him with attempted murder last September.

Kasambara denies the charges. And in an unconventional manner the private practice lawyers has gone all out to discredit the evidence so far presented in court on his Facebook profile and also used Nyasatimes to publish his defence.

Kasambara’s name has always been mentioned in murky dealings but the courts should prove beyond reasonable doubt that he did masterminded the attempted murder of Mphwiyo.

He was once upon a time a good friend and lawyer for late Kwacha Gambi, a known criminal and crook. He still uses stolen vehicles from South Africa, authorized many illegal payments using his law firm when he was attorney general during both late Bingu Mutharika’s administration and Joyce Banda.

Both Banda and Mutharika sacked him from cabinet.

He also crossed the path of current attorney general Kalekeni Kaphale when he paid the owners of Victoria Forex Bureau circumventing Kaphale, who was the lawyer pushing for payment for his clients.

Kafuwe told the court that Kasambara’s wife Margie was in the know of what might have happened to Mphwiyo and how her husband may have been involved. She told the court that she was sent away and paid a salary advance of six months.

“I think they knew that I knew too much and wanted me away…it’s the wife who kept on calling me and asked me not say anything about the shooting or what I saw or knew,” she said.

Kafuwe also told the court that Kasambara on the same day had earlier exchanged bags full of money. She said that Mphwiyo had gone to Kasambara’s Area 10 House with a heavy bag, which she later was stashed with money.

The case has since been adjourned to next month when the state intends to parade more witnesses to testify against Kasambara in an attempt to prove that he masterminded the attempted murder of Mphwiyo.

The maid told an attentive court that Kasambara drove out in a white Mercedes Benz with Pika Manondo, a co- accused — on the day Mpwiyo was shot.

The next morning, she said, the same car was parked behind the boys quarters and was asked to remove the registration plates.

But in cross examination Kasambara tried to poke holes in Kafuwe testimony saying that day, he spent most of his time with visiting former South African President Thabo Mbeki and other officials who had come in as the President’s guests.

The alleged murder of Mpwiyo opened up a can worms unearthing a multi-billion kwacha scandal in which public officers swindled the public purse systematically.