Introducing Big Brother Africa Contestant from Malawi, Sipe

malawi_ sipe_bbaAs Africa and Malawi awaits the launch of 9th Season of the Big Brother Africa dubbed Hotshot on 5th October, Banthu Times brings you information about Malawi contestants. The Bib Brother Hotshot was supposed to start sometime in Septemebr but was postponed due to the fire that razed down the house where the contestant were supposed to reside a week earier.

Malawi has two contestants and just like a previous season where a renoknwend TV Personality was acompanied by a little known person, the same is for this year. The difference for this year is that Malawi has been represented by both sexes.

First to introduce is the female contestant from Malawi Sipe, born Sipherile Chitambo

Sipe is from Lilongwe and has an MSCE and ICM Hotel and Catering Management qualification. Her favourite foods are nshima with chicken and okra, pizza, Thai food and ‘a bit of Indian cuisine’. Her favourite TV shows include Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Idols. Her favourite musicians are Beyonce, Brandy, Sam Smith and Zahara. Her favourite actors are Idris Elba and Angelina Jolie.
Her favourite place in her country is Lake Malawi, because it relaxes her. Her favourite place outside of Malawi is Paris. “It’s the most beautiful place in the world and I always imagine spending time on my honeymoon there,” she says. “It’s the City of Love!” She says the best things about Africa are the people, the landscape and the food.

She lists Beyonce as her role model because “she’s hardworking and she makes it look so easy. I’d love to be like her”. Sipe’s Mom played a huge role in her life too. ‘She raised three children on her own and it hasn’t been easy for her, but she managed to see us through school. She’s a very strong woman,’ she says.