Do you know that the state house has got three giants who controls President Peter Mutharika and the entire state house business and there are three operating sections within state house?

State – 1. The Lomwe belt employees employed by Ben,

2. the Balaka belt employees employed by First Lady and

3. the Ntcheu employees employed by Norman Chisale.

They use their social network pseudo to do intra fighting and the NIB and this works for every government department.

If you are employed by the president, Ben can say I dont want this one, you will be fired regardless of which department you are, the President has got no say but to take instructions from Ben Phiri.

Chisale can say I dont want this one, you are fired from state house immediately or any government section.

These are the people that tells APM what to do and he does without hesitation.

Ben Phiri is out of State House but there is no any decision which can be made at State House without consulting Ben Phiri,the Chief Secretary and state house crew can’t take any directive from APM without getting a go ahead from Ben.

Any meeting happening at State House with the president,the Chief Secreatary and friends can’t go ahead with implementation without getting a consent from Ben,when Ben says no even if APM said yes it won’t happen.

Getrude has more powers than the two when she says I dont want to see this one at state house or anywhere within government you are gone, same day. Case studies are of Lindiwe Chide who was with the president for a long time but Gertrude asked for her removal- she went back to Education on the same day.

In replacing Chide, Ben another state house giant employed for the president Juliana Nkhoma Somba wife to football administrator. Gertrude was angry with Ben for hiring girlfriends for Mutharika and she asked for her firing barely a month in office, it was hot issue.

Mkondiwa, the Chief secretary went trying to settle the matter in State House but Ben lost and fell enemy of the first Lady. Despite that Ben continues to control the state house and President Mutharika.

In fear of other bodies crying for unfair dismissal and considering that Juliana was working at TCC as executive secretary, APM decided to send her to an embassy in India.

Juliana joined State House in Blantyre in end October 2015 and was chased end November 2015 in December she went to India. She was tortured being sent back from following APM to Mangochi, back to BT and then back to LL and finally state house issued out an exit letter for her to go to India.

The issue was covered under wrap deliberately. This fueled hatred between Ben and Gertrude Mutharika that forced Ben to resign for the second time. Gertrude and Ben are terrible enemies.

An inside source who didn’t want to be mentioned has indicated that no one is sure of what happens tomorrow as recently a very experienced Human resources person Masanda was sent parking on instructions that were made in Blantyre to have him fired.

Every time Mutharika goes to Blantyre one or two senior employees get fired back in Lilongwe while drivers and other mechanics are fired every day without the knowledge of the president. ” we wonder if the president is in control when everyone lives in fear here” the source said.

He also mentioned to it that if one does not come from Lomwe belt, Balaka or Ntcheu, their survival is questionable in State House.