‘I do not sing for money or Fame but for God, says F-Kiz


News about one of the country’s talented young rappers F-Kiz’s decision to turn gospel may have swayed urban music lovers to different directions, but the young artist is not shaken.

The 2012 Sprite Rap, Dance and DJ best rapper is adamant that he made the best decision in his life- to surrender his life to Jesus Christ and become a gospel rapper.

“I know it came as a surprise to most of my fans but this is something that I am proud of and I’m glad I took this path.

“I have met a lot of resistance, especially from my peers who say I will not be able to make it in gospel rap, but my strength is now in the Lord and I know he will see me through,” says the young rapper confidently.

While agreeing that religious based contemporary music is not as rewarding as the secular world might have offered, F-Kiz [real name Felix Kakangula] says he does not sing for monetary benefit.

He says he has taken the latest course of action in life so that fellow young people can get the message of Christ and embrace it.

“I know that before becoming born again my music was doing really good and my turning to gospel will mean starting everything from scratch all over again.

“But I am not doing this for money or fame. I have a voice that young people need to hear and that’s the good news of the kingdom of Christ,” he explains.

The Mzuzu based rapper also discloses that following his decision to turn gospel, he no longer works with Street Money, a group he was affiliated to before turning gospel.

“I’m no longer with Street Money because I am a gospel artist now and I’m glad my friends there took my decision to move lightly.
“Of course it would have been possible for me to be a gospel rapper but still affiliated to them but I do not see the connection because I am a new person now, different from who I was before,” he says.

The rapper has already produced one video ‘My back against the wall’ which currently plays on MBC TV ahead of his maiden gospel album ‘Me, Myself and I’ due for release later this year.

The artist, who holds in high esteem the country’s renowned Christian contemporary star, David Kalirani, says his fans should not be ruffled by this change to singing for Christ. He says instead they should look forward with a positive perspective, to his new album he feels will be the best ever.

“People should expect fireworks from my album because this time it’s not just my talent that is there, but also God’s inspiration in it,” he boasts.

The youngster recently surprised his fans with his acting antics when he starred in a popular teenage movie ‘The Web’.