Irene Mtalimanja 9/7/15

It is now evident that Peter Mutharika and DPP government have nothing to offer Malawians apart from displaying their mediocrity and obsession with spreading false information about former President Dr Joyce Banda as today Malawi’s Information Minister Kondwani Nankhumwa issued another laughable lie claiming former president late Bingu wa Mutharika was assassinated and that evidence of the plot to kill the former leader is contained in a document titled “JB Project”.

mutharikaThe document being refered to is another piece of fabrication by DPP government in addition to the fake CCTV footage by the same big mouthed Nankhumwa who shamelessly tried to implicate Dr Joyce Banda in cash gate cases.

“I don’t doubt Nankhumwa is not alone. He and Peter Mutharika are busy wasting their time trying to fool people about their motives but we know their evil motive is to find whatever fake reasons to arrest Dr Joyce Banda, in fact they are the ones plotting to assassinate Dr Joyce Banda.” Said an official from State House who refused to be named for security reasons.

Another MCP official commented, ” if anything happens we know it’s Peter Mutharika who might have killed his brother, everyone knows there was an attempt to assassinate Dr Joyce Banda through arranged road accident and everyone knows it’s Peter Mutharika who planned to name his brother Daniel Phiri and lied his brother was alive in order to commit treason. So if Namkhumwa is saying someone killed Bingu the first suspect is his president Peter Mutharika he needs to explain what happened to his brother, why he named his brother Daniel Phiri and why he never mourned his brother’s funeral but instead he was planning a coup the Mid Night Six. He is a suspect number one and he should not lie through his Information Minister about facts as JB was no longer actively involved in governing the country. We are just wondering if his recent foolish lies are aimed at something sinister.”

Nankhumwa was speaking at Ndata Farm where hundreds of DPP sympathizers led by Malawi President Peter Mutharika, senior party officials as well as government officials gathered for Bingu’s memorial service.

“We still think someone was behind that death because the former first lady told us that he had woken up just alright that morning, he even had a gym session before he went to his office attending to attend to visitors when it happened,” he added holding the newspaper article.
“The author of that project document will give the nation answers regarding to what exactly killed Bingu, as his death was due to unnatural causes,” he said.

Nankhumwa also warned the president to be extra careful with some people who visit him at State House “as some of them do not go to see him in good faith.”

Nankhumwa urged Mutharika that if he needs company, the DPP cadets and the party women should be his first but what he forgot to say was that Bingu died in the hands of a female MP with cardiac arrest and it is not known what he was doing with the young woman at night although others speculate he was having an affair.