By Agnes Chautaaliko 22/6/15
Peter Mutharika will be arrested and convicted of fraud, money laundering unless if the full report that he siphoned billions of kwachas out of Malawi is not tabled before parliament. This was a confidential advice given by Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe before a plan to hide the report from parliament was hatched.
Highly placed sources have also revealed that the family of the late President Bingu wa Mutharika is in hot soup after exposure of their secret bank account in Australia. Australian Government has assured representatives of a charity Actionaid that in will be investigating the agreement Bingu made with an Australian company exploring uranium at Kayerekela in Karonga, the Paladin why it was paying duties and taxes for their goods and services Malawi but depositing money into Bingu wa Mutharika’s personal account in Australia.

Meanwhile the British and American governments through their ambassadors have joined Actionaid to ask Paladin to list their remittances into Bingu’s account and the money they were supposed to pay Malawi government as taxes and duties as Australian sources have disclosed that over 23 million US dollars was deposited into Bingu’s account which is now being managed by Peter Mutharika.

Other sources have revealed that Calista Mutharika helped her husband externalise 2.3 million pounds to the United Kingdom through the pretext of financing Malawi Embassy in UK but money ended up in family circles of Mutharika and Chapolas.

Gondwe: Caught furthering corruption of the president as he prepares to present a half baked report hiding the full report

Gondwe Caught furthering corruption of the president as he prepares to present a half baked report hiding the full report

Meanwhile Goodall Gondwe has managed to fool parliament that the only report to be available for parliament is a preliminary report without names of offenders but our reporters made contact with the Senior Auditors at Pricewaterhouse coopers in Lilongwe and this was the response, ” As far as we know we have given Malawi Government through Auditir General a full report so it is not true that the preliminary report is the only document available. The preliminary report was submitted in February this year and a full report three weeks ago.”

When Banthu Times reporter pressed further as to whether Pricewaterhouse coopers can intervene and present the original report itself to the public the senior Auditor said, ” unless if we are ordered by court we have no power to do so because the contract was only between us and Auditor General. Which means if the report is amended or changed we have no power to say government is misleading people but once the court orders us we will be obliged to share with the public.”

One minister Yusuf Mwawa was convicted six years for cashing government money and using it on his personal wedding.