Hail the invincible giant of the Lhomwe belt called BJ

By Tobias Kambale, Staff Reporter 01/09/2013

The adage that describespolitician as a walking shadow that is heretoday and gone tomorrow can strongly be disputed in the face of the daylight proofthat the same old heavy weight politician whoMalawians know as Brown Mpinganjira has made with hispolitical come-back to roost as once again, call him the towering giant of the Lhomwe- belt if you want.
Those who have known him for a while may help in. befitting words of his political exploits that auger well with his character as a brilliant, hard-working and crafty politician, a thing that makes him one in a million.

Among those who can better describe his political brilliance is his long time friend, Professor Jack Mapange whom he met atMikuyu Prison in Zomba during a political detention when the two had crossed the impassable path of the late Dr. HastingsKamuzu Banda. Together they had a taste of tough luck of the dictatorial regime.

During the advent of multiparty politics in 1992, way up to the forming of the United Democratic Front (UDF) Pressure groupand its eventual establishment as a party he was there to let the world know that he was one of the rare politicians with a distinct character to exist on the surface of Malawi.

Down the memory lane, he once stood taller when he formed his own National Democratic Alliance (NDA) that really gave other parties including the one that he came out of, none but theAtcheya’s Mighty UDF a pretty tough time before it succumbed to the natural fallout of morning dew in at the powerful ray of the summer sun.

Time saw him rising. He enjoyed several well deserved political appointments including the one of Minister of Information. It was while on this job that he demonstrated brilliance quiteconvincingly to the satisfaction of many.

The introduction of the second radio channel at the public broadcaster, MalawiBroadcasting Cooperation (MBC) and the new sweet experience of a Malawian using a mobile phone or cellular phone were among his remarkable exploits.
Malawians especially those in the southern region loved him but those in his own home district of Mulanje adored him. He secured himself a parliamentary seat, through winning hearts of the majority if not all in the Mulanje Central constituency. He became a powerful political icon, the invincible goliath at the biblical Geth.

Now years after spending sometime in the political labyrinth, here is the man BJ coming with new vigor of promise and hope to his own Mulanje People and Malawians at large. He has come back into political heights with a bang. This time he has been entrusted to serve Malawians in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. People that love him are now wearing smiles on their faces as he made it clear that he is on a mission to reclaim his lost territory of Mulanje Central Constituency.
His colours are none but those of beauty and hope the yellowcolours of The Mighty Peoples Party. Happy as they are to know that he has joined the party of their dreams, many in his former constituency adoringly call him “Mphangala ya Chitukuko” mean “The developmental giant.
Now, when his former constituents see him criss-crossingMulanje Central almost everybody including those that loathe him know that Mpinganjira is a not a man to play dice that ends up in losing.

They know that when he wages a political warespecially the one that leads to the ballot box the end final result is always ‘winning’.
“We love him so much, we he was our Member of Parliament we could even feel it in our bones that we had a genuine leader who could bring development both to his area and the nation at large,” said James Chikalimba, a Mulanje Central constituent and avid political follower of Mpinganjira.

Chikalimba cited the construction of the Limbe-Thyolo-Mulanje-Muloza road as a one developmental achievement that people of Thyolo and Mulanje will for a long time always remember him for.

And recently if the circulation of a “Strong Advice” letter by the District Commissioner for Mulanje, J.A.K. Nguluwe, warning all sector, department heads and directors to inform Mpinganjiraof any activity they intend to implement in Mulanje Central Constituency sent shivers it’s all because they know that BJ isnow the powerful force to reckon with not only in MulanjeCentral but probably in the whole of Mulanje.

However, Mpinganjira had denied accusations that he ismeddling in the affairs of Mulanje District Council.

“Apart from those in my constituency, I have no mandate to interfere in the affairs of the District Council,” Mpinganjira said when contacted.

The District Commissioner for Mulanje accepts to have been ordered by Mpinganjira to warn heads and directors that they better make known at any cost to the Minister of Irrigation and Water Development, Honourable Brown J. Mpinganjira any activity they intend to implement in the constituency.image