Govt Borrowed K1.5 billion for Nov Salaries

Gondwe: He borrowed money from NAC to pay  salaries

Gondwe: He borrowed money from NAC to pay salaries

By Chimwemwe Lusungu

The beleaguered National Aids Commission (NAC) did not only help the first lady with a K5 million grant and bankroll the National Intelligence Bureau, it also released K1.5 billion to pay salaries for the public service in November last year.

Sources in Treasury told Banthu Times reporters that government last November failed to raise money to salaries amidst calls for salary hikes and strikes.

“So we were told to ask NAC to borrow us money to the tune of about K1.5 billion to pay salaries,” said the source who asked for anonymity.

NAC declined to comment when asked this week and advised that we wait for the suspended Executive Director Mr Francis Bisika to respond to the queries.

This is among several reasons why the Global Fund, NAC’s main donor, stripped the aids commission of its principal recipient status.

The Fund has since granted the principal recipient status to World Vision and Action Aid totalling US$574 million.

Global Fund supports Malawi with around US$700 million yearly, a major contribution to the fight against AIDs, Malaria and TB.

Last week, Minister of Health Jean Kalilane and Information Minister Kondwani Nakhumwa described the Global Fund decision as unfair and blamed civil society organisation of being unpatriotic.

They both said that the CSOs should have first settled for domestic dialogue with government before reporting to the donors.