Government wants to tamper with Cashgate files by sealing off ACB

By McArthur Chapondapolice-MPF1

The Government wants to tamper with the cashgate files through the sealing off of the at Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) offices, Banthu Times has learnt.

Reliable sources from the Government have confided to Banthu Times that the main reason for the Police to seal off ACB is to tamper with the files of Cashgate at the graft bursting body.

“The sealing order came from above after the mess of CCTV and incriminating evidence on the K92billion cashgate.” Said the source

The source highlighted that the Government is panicking with failure to link the former president to Cashgate and that there is a lot of incriminating evidence on the current leaders from the K92billion which they would want to stop the ACB from investigating

“Since the German government pumped resources for investigating K92billion cashgate, the government has been trying any means possible to derail the ACB from carrying out the investigation. The Strike and the eventual seal up is part and parcel of the effort to ensure that Malawians will not know the truth behind the scandal.” Continued the source


ACB Offices that has been sealed

Government yesterday, December 16, 2014 ordered the police to seal off the ACB offices in both Lilongwe and Blantyre. The justification for the sealing was based on the ongoing strike by the ACB staff but the seal is a cover up for more sinister motives.

Ironically, the sealing has come at a time when the ACB is at loggerheads with government in terms of how to proceed with the cashgate as the ACB want some top brass in the current government be arrested for their involvement in the cashgate which dates as far as 2008.

The source from Government has said that the current administration has vowed not to review nor increase the working conditions of ACB staff as the strike is working their favour.